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Uriah Heep - Wizards And Demons - The Official History 4DVD Box Set (2005)

DVD One: Uriah Heep Live - The Byron Years
01.Easy Livin' (Hensley)
02.Stealin' (Hensley)
03.Traveller In Time (Byron/Box/Kerslake)
04.So Tired (Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake/Thain)
05.The Easy Road (Hensley)
06.Love Machine (Hensley/Byron/Box)
07.Sunrise (Hensley)
08.Tears In My Eyes (Hensley)
09.Sweet Lorraine (Box/Byron/Thain)
10.Return To Fantasy (Hensley/Byron)
11.Prima Donna (Hensley)
12.Shady Lady (Hensley/Box/Byron/Kerslake)
13.Midnight (Hensley)
14.July Morning (Hensley/Byron)
15.Rock 'N' Roll Medley

DVD Two: Uriah Heep Live - Firefly and Beyond
01.Sympathy (Hensley)
02.Easy Livin' (Hensley)
03.Lady In Black (Hensley)
04.Wise Man (Hensley)
05.Free Me (Hensley)
06.One More Night (Hensley)
07.Come Back To Me (Kerslake/Hensley)
08.Falling In Love (Hensley)
09.Love Or Nothing (Hensley)
10.Feelings (Hensley)
11.Fools (Bolder)
12.Carry On (Hensley)
13.Think It Over (Sloman/Bolder)
14.Stay On Top (Jackson)
15.The Wizard (Hensley/Clarke)
16.Gypsy (Byron/Box)
17.Look At Yourself (Hensley)
18.Too Scared To Run (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair)

DVD Three: Uriah Heep Live - Across the Sea of Light
01.Bird Of Prey (Box/Byron/Newton)
02.Bad Bad Man (Lanzon)
03.Stealin' (Hensley)
04.Mr. Majestic (Lanzon)
05.The Wizard (Hensley/Clarke)
06.July Morning (Hensley/Byron)
07.Rich Kid (Bolder)
08.Easy Livin' (Hensley)
09.Lady In Black (Hensley)
10.Time Of Revelation (Box/Lanzon)
11.Heartless Land (Box/Lanzon)
12.Wonderworld (Hensley)
13.I'll Keep On Trying (Box/Byron)
14.The Other Side Of Midnight (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair)
15.Pilgrim (Hensley)
16.Blood Red Roses (Goalby)
17.If I Had The Time (Hensley)
18.A Year Or A Day (Hensley)

DVD Four: Uriah Heep Live with Friends and Relatives
01.Been Away Too Long - With John Lawton (Hensley)
02.Stealin - With John Lawton (Hensley)
03.Circus - With Ian Anderson (Thain/Box/Kerslake)
04.Blind Eye - With Ian Anderson (Hensley)
05.Love In Silence - With Heather Findlay (Box/Lanzon)
06.Tales - With Thijs Van Leer (Hensley)
07.July Morning - With Ken Hensley (Hensley/Byron)
08.Paradise/The Spell - With Ken Hensley (Hensley)
09.The Magicians Birthday - With John Lawton (Hensley/Box/Kerslake)
10.Sympathy - With John Lawton And Ken Hensley (Hensley)
11.Free And Easy - With John Lawton And Ken Hensley (Lawton/Box)
12.Look At Yourself - With Osibisa (Hensley)
13.Medley: Wizard (Hensley/Clarke)/Paradise/Circle Of Hands (Hensley) With The Classic Rock Ensemble

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