jueves, 27 de julio de 2017

V.A. Jazz Casual The Complete Series Disc 2

Gerry Mulligan Quartet (July 18, 1962):
01. Four for Three
02. Darn That Dream
03. Open Country
04. Utter Chaos

Gerry Mulligan (Baritone saxophone)
Bob Brookmeyer (Trombone)
Wyatt Ruther (Bass)
Gus Johnson (Drums)

Art Pepper Quartet (May 9, 1964):
05. The Trip
06. D Section
07. Untitled

Art Pepper (Alto saxophone)
Frank Strazzeri (Piano)
Hersh Hamel (Bass)
Bill Goodwin (Drums)

Art Farmer with Jim Hall (January 10, 1964):
08. Change Partners
09. Some Time Ago
10. My Kinda Love
11. My Little Suede Shoes
12. Bags' Groove

Art Farmer (Trumpet)
Jim Hall (Guitar)
Steve Swallow (Bass)
Walter Perkins (Drums)


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