domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

Magenta - Live At Real World (2009)

01. Children Of The Sun
02. Cold
03. Lemminkainen's Lament
04. Hate You
05. Anger
06. Blind Faith
07. King Of The Skies
08. Speechless
09. This Life
10. Moving On
11. Demons
12. Morning Sunlight
13. Journey's End
14. Greed
15. The Ballad Of Samuel Layne
16. Prekestolen
17. Metamorphosis

Christina Booth (Vocals and percussion)
Rob Reed (Piano, acoustic guitar)
Chris Fry (Acoustic and nylon guitar)
Dan Fry (Acoustic bass)
Kieran Bailey (Drums)
Martin Rosser (Acoustic guitar)
Karla Powell (Oboe)
Jo Buckland (Violin)
Tina Jacobs-Lim (Violin)
Aimee Bryett (Viola)
Emma Bryden (Cello)

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