lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

Larry Graham & Graham Central Station - Jazzwoche Burghausen (2013)

01. Entrow / Thank You
02. Throw-N-Down The Funk
03. Welcome to Our World / We've Been Waiting
04. It Ain't No Fun to Me
05. It's Alright
06. Raise Up
07. I Can't Stand the Rain
08. Bass Solo
09. Family Affair
10. Hot Fun In The Summertime
11. Everyday People
12. If You Want Me to Stay
13. Dance to the Music
14. The Jam
15. Thank You
16. Now Do-U-Wanta Dance
17. I Want To Take You Higher

Larry Graham (Bass, vocals)
Ashling "Biscuit" Cole (Funkbox, vocals)
David "City" Council (Keyboards, organ Hammond B3, vocals)
Jimi "Joy" McKinney (Keyboards, vocals)
Wilton "Fab" Rabb (Guitar, vocals)
Brian "Rio" Braziel (Drums)

Special guests:
"Big Sam" Williams (Trombone in 12)
Joshua Connoly (Guitar in 12)
Jerry Henderson (Bass in 12)

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