domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

Christopher Cross - A Night In Paris (2013)

01. All Right
02. The Light Is On
03. Leave It To Me
04. Everything
05. No Time For Talk
06. When You Come Home
07. Minstrel Gigolo
08. Walking In Avalon
09. Sailing
10. Never Be The Same
11. Dreamers
12. Spinning
13. I Really Don’t Know Anymore
14. November
15. Arthur’s Theme
16. Ride Like The Wind
17. Say You ll Be Mine

Christopher Cross (Guitar, vocals)
Andy Suzuki (Keyboards, sax)
Dave Beyer (Drums)
Chazz Frichtel (Bass, vocals)
Kiki Ebsen (Keyboards, vocals)
Richie Gajate Garcia (Percussion)

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