jueves, 1 de junio de 2017

Pat Benatar - Choice Cuts: The Complete Video Collection (2003)

"You Better Run"
"I'm Gonna Follow You"
"Fire And Ice"
"Promises In The Dark"
"Precious Time"
"Shadows Of The Night"
"Anxiety (Get Nervous)"
"Little Too Late"
"Love Is A Battlefield"
"Lipstick Lies"
"We Belong"
"Ohh Ohh Song"
"Painted Desert"
(Theme from The Legend Of Billie Jean)
"Sex As A Weapon"
"Le Bel Age"
"All Fired Up"
"One Love (Song For The Lion)"
"Don't Walk Away"
"Let's Stay Together"
"True Love"
"So Long"
"Somebody's Baby"
"Strawberry Wine"
"Christmas In America"


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