domingo, 14 de mayo de 2017

Come Together - A Night Of John Lennon Words & Music (2002)

01. Imagine (Yolanda Adams and Billy Preston)
02. In My Life (Dave Matthews)
03. Revolution (Stone Temple Pilots)
04. Dear Prudence (Alanis Morissete)
05. Across The Universe (Moby, Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright)
06. Strawberry Fields Forever (Cyndi Lauper)
07. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Marc Anthony)
08. Mother (Shelby Lynne)
09. Instant Karma (Nelly Furtado & Dave Stewart)
10. Jealous Guy (Lou Reed)
11. Nowhere Man (Natalie Merchant)
12. Mind Games (Kevin Spacey)
13. Come Together (Craid David)
14. This Boy (Sean Lennon & Rufus Wainwright)
15. Julia (Sean Lennon)
16. Give Peace A Chance Power to the People (Ensemble)

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