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Airplay for the Planet: Jay Graydon All Stars - Live in Japan (1994)

01. Criminal
02. Satisfaction
03. She Just Can't Make Up Her Mind
04. Holdin' On To Love
05. Walk The Wire
06. After The Love Has Gone
07. First And Last
08. Insincere
09. In The Heat Of The Night
10. Baby, Bye Bye
11. Steve Porcaro, Bill Cantos, John Van Tongeren, Keyboard Solo
12. When You Look In My Eyes
13. Roxann
14. Nothin' You Can Do About It
15. Band Intro
16. Turn Your Love Around
17. Pat Mastelotto Drum Solo and Kenji Sano Bass Solo
18. Show Me The Magic
19. Pamela
20. Stranded

Jay Graydon (Guitar, Vocals)
Bill Champlin (Vocals. B3 Organ, Guitar)
Joseph Williams (Vocals, Keyboards)
Kenji Sano (Bass. Vocals)
Sherwood Ball (Guitar, Vocals)
Steve Porcaro (Keyboards)
Bill Cantos (Keyboards, Vocals)
John Van Tongeren (Keyboards)
Pat Mastelotto (Drums)
Tamara Champlin (Backing Vocals)
Janea Chadwick (Backing Vocals)
Amye Williams (Backing Vocals)


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