lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

Spock's Beard - X-Tour Live (2012)

01. Edge of the In-Between
02. The Emperor's Clothes
03. From the Darkness
04. The Quiet House
05. The Man Behind the Curtain
06. Kamikaze
07. Jaws of Heaven
08. Nick and Jimmy's Drum Duel
09. On a Perfect Day
10. Thoughts
11. Ryo's Keyboard Solo
12. The Doorway
13. June,41523373.rar

Spock's Beard - Don't Try This At Home Live In Holland (2002)

01. Day for Night
02. In the Mouth of Madness
03. Skin
04. Gibberish
05. Go the Way You Go
06. June
07. The Healing Colors of Sound
08. Ryo's Solo
09. The Doorway
10. The Light
11. Squonk
12. Waste Away/Fire,41565412.rar

domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

Premiata Forneria Marconi - Live in Japan (2002)

01. La Carozza Di Hans
02. Rain Birth
03. River Of Life
04. Photos Of Ghosts
05. Peninsula
06. Out Of The Roundabout
07. La Rivoluzione
08. Suonare Suonare
09. Promenade The Puzzle
10. Tokyo Piano Solo
11. Dove .. Quando - Part Two
12. Dove Quando ..
13. Il Banchetto
14. Dolcissima Maria
15. Maestro Della Voce
16. Si Puo Fare
17. Mr. 9 Till 5
18. Scary Light
19. Tokyo Electric Guitar Jam, including Altaloma 5 Till 9
20. Tokyo Violin Jam - Part One
21. Rossini’s William Tell Overtue
22. Tokyo Violin Jam - Part Two
23. Impressioni Di Settembre
24. E Festa - Celebration
25. La Luna Nuova - Four Holes In The Ground

Franz Di Cioccio (Vocals, drums, percussions)
Patrick Djivas (Bass)
Franco Mussida (Guitars, vocals)
Flavio Premoli (Keyboards, vocals)
Lucio Fabbri (Special guest) (Violin, keyboards, guitar and backing vocals)
Piero Monteresi (Drums),41327573.rar

Premiata Forneria Marconi & Pagani - Piazza Del Campo (2005)

01. Rain Birth
02. River Of Life
03. Photos Of Ghosts
04. La Carrozza Di Hans
05. La Luna Nuova
06. Si Può Fare
07. Siena Rock Jam
08. Si Può Fare
09. Promenade The Puzzle
10. Mr 9 Till 5
11. Siena Violin Jam
12. Rossini's William Tell Overture
13. È Festa
14. Se Le Brescion
15. È Festa

Flavio Premoli (Piano, keyboards, mellotron, Moog synthesizer, lead vocals)
Franco Mussida (Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, lead vocals)
Franz Di Cioccio (Drums, percussion, vocals)
Patrik Djivas (Bass)

Guest musicians:
Mauro Pagani (Flute, piccolo, violin, backing vocals)
Lucio "Violino" Fabbri (Violin, keyboards)
Piero Pelu (Vocals),41328891.rar

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) In Classic - Da Mozart A Celebration - Estival Jazz Lugano (2013)

01. Intro
02. Il flauto magico (Ouverture)
03. Danza Macabre
04. Romeo e Giulietta Danza dei Cavalieri
05. La Grande Pasqua russa
06. Nabucco Ouverture
07. Maestro della Voce
08. Impressioni di Settembre
09. Suite italiana
10. Guglielmo Tell

Franz di Cioccio (Vocals, drums)
Patrick Djivas (Bass)
Franco Mussida (Vocals, guitar)
Lucio Fabbri (Vocals, keys)
Alessandro Scaglione (Keys)
Roberto Gualdi (Drums)
And Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Dir. Pietro Mianiti,41336157.rar

Magenta - Live At The Point (2009)

01. Opus Three
02. Speechless
03. Envy
04. Hurt
05. Moving On
06. The Journey
07. Towers Of Hope
08. Demons
09. Morning Sunlight
10. The Dream
11. The Visionary
12. Anger
13. Man The Machine
14. Genetesis /The Warning
15. Sloth
16. The White Witch (extract)

Christina (Vocals)
Rob Reed (Keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals)
Chris Fry (Guitars)
Kieran Bailey (Drums)
Colin Edwards (Guitar and keyboards)
Daniel Fry (Bass),41279672.rar

Magenta - Live At Real World (2009)

01. Children Of The Sun
02. Cold
03. Lemminkainen's Lament
04. Hate You
05. Anger
06. Blind Faith
07. King Of The Skies
08. Speechless
09. This Life
10. Moving On
11. Demons
12. Morning Sunlight
13. Journey's End
14. Greed
15. The Ballad Of Samuel Layne
16. Prekestolen
17. Metamorphosis

Christina Booth (Vocals and percussion)
Rob Reed (Piano, acoustic guitar)
Chris Fry (Acoustic and nylon guitar)
Dan Fry (Acoustic bass)
Kieran Bailey (Drums)
Martin Rosser (Acoustic guitar)
Karla Powell (Oboe)
Jo Buckland (Violin)
Tina Jacobs-Lim (Violin)
Aimee Bryett (Viola)
Emma Bryden (Cello),41278063.rar

Magenta - The Gathering (2005)

01. Intro [Opus 3]
02. King Of The Skies
03. Gluttony
04. Demons
05. Broken
06. Children Of The Sun
07. Overture
08. Genetesis
09. Call Me
10. I'm Alive
11. The White Witch
12. Pride

Christina (Vocals, percussion)
Matthew Cohen (Bass guitar)
Chris Fry (Guitar, vocals)
Allan Mason-Jones (Drums)
Rob Reed (Keyboards, vocals)
Martin Rosser (Guitar, guitar synthesizer, vocals),41277319.rar

Tigran Hamasyan, Jan Bang & guest Eivind Aarset - The Punkt Festival (2013)

Tigran Hamasyan (Piano)
Jan Bang (Live sampling, dictaphone)
Eivind Aarset (Guitare)
Live Remix: Ivar Grydeland, Erik Honore,41307190.rar

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Giovanni Mirabassi & Melanie Dahan - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2014)


Giovanni Mirabassi Trio - Festival Jazz San Javier (2012)

01. Octubre
02. Vuelvo Al Son
03. Alfonsina y el Mar
04. Nardis
05. Somewhere in Seoul
06. The Ancient Oak

Giovanni Mirabassi (Piano)
Gianluca Renzi (Double bass)
Lukmil Perez (Drums),40990518.rar

Giovanni Mirabassi Trio - Jazz sous les Pommiers (2011)

01. World changes (G. Mirabassi)
02. NY #1 (G. Renzi)
03. Bebe (H. Pascoal)
04. Somewhere in Seoul (G. Mirabassi)
05. It's us (G. Mirabassi)
06. Alfonsina y el Mar (F. Luna)
07. Gold and Diamond (G. Mirabassi)
08. Six for Sex (G. Mirabassi)
09. Le Chant des Partisans (A. Marly, J. Kessel)

Giovanni Mirabassi (Piano)
Gianluca Renzi (Bass)
Lukmil Perez (Drums),40989927.rar

Matt Bianco - Baloise Session (2014)


01. Medusa
02. Hifi Bossanova
03. Half a Minute
04. Yeh Yeh
05. Whose Side Are You On
06. More Than I Can Bear
07. Cha Cha Cuba
08. Good Times
09. Lost In You
10. Don't Blame It on That Girl

Mark Reilly (Vocals)
Mark Fisher (Keyboard)
Tony Remy (Guitar)
Andrew Ross (Flutes, Saxophone)
Nick Cohen (Bass)
Tony Mason (Drums)
Karl Vanden Bossche (Percussion)
Shea Matthews (Backing Vocals)
Megan Cavanaugh (Backing Vocals)
Simon Finch (Trumpet),40375578.rar

Rebekka Bakken - Live at Baloise Session (2014)

01. Time
02. Bad as Me
03. Yesterday Is Here
04. Everything Goes To Hell
05. September
06. Just the Right Bullets
07. Hang On St. Christopher
08. I Can’t Wait to Get Off Work
09. Little Drop of Poison
10. If I Have to Go
11. Broken Bicycles
12. New Coat Of Paint
13. Tonight
14. Looking Pretty Fine
15. Downtown,40126380.rar

Rebekka Bakken - Americana Rebekka Bakken chante Tom Waits (2012)



Rebekka Bakken - Enjoy Jazz Festival (2011)

01. Same kind
02. Never Been to Paris
03. September
04. Power Room Collapse
05. Forever Young
06. Jeg vet en hvile (Norwegian folk song)
07. Any Pretty Girl
08. Hard to be a loser
09. After All
10. Girl Next door
11. No easy way
12. Der Schnee draussen schmilzt
13. Driving

Rebbekka Bakken (Vocals, piano)
Borge Petersen-Overleir (Guitar)
Mathias Leber (Piano, keyboards)
Lars Danielsson (Bass guitar)
Rune Arnesen (Drums),40125430.rar

Rebekka Bakken - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2006)

miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

The New Standard Trio - 50º Heineken Jazzaldia (2015)

Jamie Saft (Piano)
Bobby Previtte (Drums)
Steve Swllow (Bass),40837728.rar

Pamela Williams - A Night With The Saxtress (2006)

01. Just As We Are
02. Afterglow
03. Unconditional
04. Sweet Saxations
05. Twin Souls
06. Amber Skies
07. Temperature's Rising
08. The Perfect Love
09. Fly Away With Me Medley: Fly Away With Me, Uptown, Whipped

Pamela Williams (Saxophone)
Alphaso McDuffie (Keyboards)
Robert Cunningham (Guitar)
Myron Gardner (Drums)
Jeffrey Johnson (Bass),36324217.rar

Chuchito Valdés Cuarteto en Homenaje a Bebo Valdés - Festival Jazz San Javier (2013)

Chuchito Valdés (Piano)
Javier Colina (Contrabajo)
Georvis Picó (Batería)
Yuvisney Aguilar (Percusión)
Invitada especial: Sandra Carrasco (Cantaora),33711193.rar

martes, 25 de agosto de 2015

Monty Alexander - Live at Baloise Session (2014)

Monty Alexander au Saint-Émilion Jazz Festival (2013)

Monty Alexander (Piano)
Hassan Shakur (Contrebasse)
Frits Landerbergen (Batterie)
Yotam Siberstein (Guitare)
& Karlem Kingston Express Band,40654088.rar,40656276.rar

Monty Alexander Trio - Fesival de Jazz San Javier (2011)

01. Funji Mama
02. Come fly with me
03. Renewal
04. Running away
05. No woman, no cry
06. Hope
07. Love notes
08. Sweet Georgia Brown

Monty Alexander (Piano y melódica)
Hassan Shakur (Contrabajo)
Obed Calvaire (Batería),40645670.rar

Monty Alexander - Jazz in Marciac (2011)

Monty Alexander (Piano)
John Clayton (Bass)
Jeff Hamilton (Drums),12905644.rar

Monty Alexander - Harlem Kingston Express (Jazz a Vienne) (2010)

Monty Alexander (Piano, vocal)
Lee Archibald (Guitar)
Santi Debriano, Courtney Panton (Bass)
Quentin Baxter, Karl Wright (Drums),40641000.rar