lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

Spock's Beard - X-Tour Live (2012)

01. Edge of the In-Between
02. The Emperor's Clothes
03. From the Darkness
04. The Quiet House
05. The Man Behind the Curtain
06. Kamikaze
07. Jaws of Heaven
08. Nick and Jimmy's Drum Duel
09. On a Perfect Day
10. Thoughts
11. Ryo's Keyboard Solo
12. The Doorway
13. June,41523373.rar

Spock's Beard - Don't Try This At Home Live In Holland (2002)

01. Day for Night
02. In the Mouth of Madness
03. Skin
04. Gibberish
05. Go the Way You Go
06. June
07. The Healing Colors of Sound
08. Ryo's Solo
09. The Doorway
10. The Light
11. Squonk
12. Waste Away/Fire,41565412.rar

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Giovanni Mirabassi & Melanie Dahan - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2014)


Giovanni Mirabassi Trio - Festival Jazz San Javier (2012)

01. Octubre
02. Vuelvo Al Son
03. Alfonsina y el Mar
04. Nardis
05. Somewhere in Seoul
06. The Ancient Oak

Giovanni Mirabassi (Piano)
Gianluca Renzi (Double bass)
Lukmil Perez (Drums),40990518.rar

Giovanni Mirabassi Trio - Jazz sous les Pommiers (2011)

01. World changes (G. Mirabassi)
02. NY #1 (G. Renzi)
03. Bebe (H. Pascoal)
04. Somewhere in Seoul (G. Mirabassi)
05. It's us (G. Mirabassi)
06. Alfonsina y el Mar (F. Luna)
07. Gold and Diamond (G. Mirabassi)
08. Six for Sex (G. Mirabassi)
09. Le Chant des Partisans (A. Marly, J. Kessel)

Giovanni Mirabassi (Piano)
Gianluca Renzi (Bass)
Lukmil Perez (Drums),40989927.rar

Rebekka Bakken - Live at Baloise Session (2014)

01. Time
02. Bad as Me
03. Yesterday Is Here
04. Everything Goes To Hell
05. September
06. Just the Right Bullets
07. Hang On St. Christopher
08. I Can’t Wait to Get Off Work
09. Little Drop of Poison
10. If I Have to Go
11. Broken Bicycles
12. New Coat Of Paint
13. Tonight
14. Looking Pretty Fine
15. Downtown,40126380.rar

Rebekka Bakken - Americana Rebekka Bakken chante Tom Waits (2012)



Rebekka Bakken - Enjoy Jazz Festival (2011)

01. Same kind
02. Never Been to Paris
03. September
04. Power Room Collapse
05. Forever Young
06. Jeg vet en hvile (Norwegian folk song)
07. Any Pretty Girl
08. Hard to be a loser
09. After All
10. Girl Next door
11. No easy way
12. Der Schnee draussen schmilzt
13. Driving

Rebbekka Bakken (Vocals, piano)
Borge Petersen-Overleir (Guitar)
Mathias Leber (Piano, keyboards)
Lars Danielsson (Bass guitar)
Rune Arnesen (Drums),40125430.rar

Rebekka Bakken - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2006)

martes, 25 de agosto de 2015

Monty Alexander - Live at Baloise Session (2014)

Monty Alexander au Saint-Émilion Jazz Festival (2013)

Monty Alexander (Piano)
Hassan Shakur (Contrebasse)
Frits Landerbergen (Batterie)
Yotam Siberstein (Guitare)
& Karlem Kingston Express Band,40654088.rar,40656276.rar

Monty Alexander Trio - Fesival de Jazz San Javier (2011)

01. Funji Mama
02. Come fly with me
03. Renewal
04. Running away
05. No woman, no cry
06. Hope
07. Love notes
08. Sweet Georgia Brown

Monty Alexander (Piano y melódica)
Hassan Shakur (Contrabajo)
Obed Calvaire (Batería),40645670.rar

Monty Alexander - Jazz in Marciac (2011)

Monty Alexander (Piano)
John Clayton (Bass)
Jeff Hamilton (Drums),12905644.rar

Monty Alexander - Harlem Kingston Express (Jazz a Vienne) (2010)

Monty Alexander (Piano, vocal)
Lee Archibald (Guitar)
Santi Debriano, Courtney Panton (Bass)
Quentin Baxter, Karl Wright (Drums),40641000.rar

Monty Alexander Trio - Live in New Morning (2004)

01. Got To Go
02. No Woman, No Cry
03. You Running Away
04. Marvellous
05. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
06. Things Ain't What They Use To Be

Monty Alexander (Piano, voix)
Hassan Ash Shakur (Basse)
Frits Landesbergen (Batterie),40624566.rar

Monty Alexander Trio - The Paris Concert (2001)

01. Running Away
02. Django
03. Moonlight City
04. Trust
05. Monty's Groove
06. September
07. Come Sunday
08. Too Marvelous For Words
09. Young At Heart
10. Put Your Little Foot Right Out
11. Two Bass Hits
12. Love You Madly
13. Creole Love Call
14. David Danced Before The Lord
15. Hope
16. No Woman No Cry
17. Battle Hymn

Monty Alexander (Piano)
Bobby Thomas, Jr. (Drums)
Hassan W. Shakour (Bass),40620762.rar

lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

Steve Howe - Steve Howe's Remedy Live (2005)

* Remedy Live:
01. Small Acts of Human Kindness
02. Sensitive Chaos
03. Country Viper
04. Diary of a Man Who Vanished
05. Across the Cobblestone
06. Smoke Silver
07. America / Southern Solo
08. The Nature of the Sea
09. Where I Belong
10. Pennants
11. Excerpt From 'Close to the Edge'
12. So Bad
13. Lost Symphony
14. While Rome's Burning
15. Raga / My White Bicycle
16. Wurm

* Acoustic:
01. Excerpt from 'The Ancient'
02. To Be Over
03. J's Theme
04. Second Initial
05. Mood for a Day
06. Clap
07. Intersection Blues

* Tour Story

Steve Howe (Guitars & vocals)
Ray Fenwick (Guitar)
Virgil Howe (Keyboards)
Derrick Taylor (Bass)
Dylan Howe (Drums),40535997.rar,40543077.rar

Steve Howe - Classic Rock Legends (2002)

Steve Howe Unplugged - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival (1979)

01. Opening
02. Meadow Rag
03. Mood For A Day
04. Diary Of A Man Who Disappeared
05. Ram
06. Surface Tension
07. Second Initial
08. Clap
09. Anyway You Do
10. Bob Dylan Medley
11. Country Mix
12. Galliard
13. Ending,40531155.rar

sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

Lindsey Stirling : Live in London (2015)

01. Beyond The Veil
02. Mirror Haus
03. Electric Daisy Violin
04. Night Vision
05. Heist
06. Swag
07. We Are Giants
08. Transcendence
09. All Of Me
10. Take Flight
11. Moon Trance
12. Roundtable Rival
13. Master Of Tides
14. Crystallize
15. Shatter Me
16. Stars Align,40206367.rar

Michiel Borstlap - Solo (Concert Dominican Church Maastricht) (2010)

01. Theme of Yokohama
02. Round Midnight
03. El Valenciano
04. Spain
05. Cancion
06. Dolphin Dance
07. Clear Water
08. Things Ain't What They Used To Be
09. Blame It On My Youth

Michiel Borstlap (Keyboard)
Ruud Breuls (Trumpet)
Jerome Hol (Guitar)
Peter Bergman (Bass)
Eric Kooger (Drums),40232852.rar

viernes, 21 de agosto de 2015

V.A. Solidarity of Arts - Swing+ (2015)

August 15, 2015 we invite you to show "Swing +" - the main event of the 7th edition of Solidarity of Arts Festival. The concert on Ołowianka will bow to swing, jazz genre that dominated the years from 1930 to 1960. Also this year prominent jazz musicians perform: Grammy Award winners Patti Austin, Kurt Elling and one of the best and most recognizable in the world of jazz bands in Germany, the flagship of the second largest after the BBC radio station broadcasting in Europe, the WDR Big Band.
The August concert will be a tribute not only to one of the earliest and most joyous eras of jazz, but also for a number of legendary Polish artists - as well as for Polish timeless hits of swing that will do (besides Polish stars), our wonderful foreign guests.

The show Swing + experience:
Patti Austin
Kurt Elling
Stanislaw Soyka
Ewa Bem
Hanna Banaszak
Aga Zaryan
WDR Big Band
New York Voices
Wojciech Karolak team
Roger Berg Big Band
Pasadena Roof Orchestra,39761141.rar,39765698.rar

Iñaki Salvador, Andrejcz Olejniczak Quartet & Maciej Fortuna - 50º Heineken Jazzaldia (2015)