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Dudu Lima Trio - Programa Instrumental Sesc Brasil (2014)

01. BENITO (Dudu Lima)
02. FILHO AMADO (Dudu Lima)
03. NADA SERÁ COM ANTES (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos)
04 Medley: AS ROSAS NÃO FALAM (Cartola) / O TRENZINHO DO CAIPIRA (Heitor Villa-Lobos) / O RONCO DA CUÍCA (João Bosco/Aldir Blanc) / BRASILEIRINHO (Waldir Azevedo)
05. VERA CRUZ (Milton Nascimento / Márcio Borges)

DUDU LIMA (Contrabaixo acústico, elétrico e fretless)
RICARDO ITABORAHY (Piano e escaleta)
LEANDRO SCIO (Bateria),45584405.rar

Lluís Llach - Un Pont de Mar Blava (1993)

Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona (1993)
Transmissió especial de TV3 ....,45583709.rar

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Steven Wilson - The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA (2015)


01. First Regret
02. 3 Years Older
03. Hand Cannot Erase
04. Perfect Life
05. Routine
06. Index
07. Home Invasion
08. Regret #9
09. Lazarus
10. Harmony Korine
11. Ancestral
12. Happy Returns
13. Ascendant Here On...
14. The Watchmaker
15. Sleep Together
16. The Raven That Refused to Sing,44746400.rar

Steven Wilson - Drive Home, Live In Frankfurt (2013)

01. Drive Home
02. The Raven That Refused To Sing
03. The Holy Drinker
04. Insurgentes
05. The Watchmaker
06. The Raven That Refused To Sing

Steven Wilson - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass Guitar
Nick Beggs - Bass Guitar, Chapman Stick, Backing Vocals
Guthrie Govan - Lead Guitar
Adam Holzman - Keyboards
Marco Minnemann - Drums
Theo Travis - Flutes, Saxophones, Clarinet,44744942.rar

Steven Wilson - Get All You Deserve (2012)

01. Intro ('Citadel')
02. No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun
03. Index
04. Deform to Form a Star
05. Sectarian
06. Postcard
07. Remainder the Black Dog
08. Harmony Korine
09. Abandoner
10. Like Dust I Have Cleared From My Eye
11. Luminol
12. Veneno Para Las Hadas
13. No Part of Me
14. Raider II
15. Get All You Deserve
16. Outro ('Litany'),44746809.rar

Yaron Herman à Jazz à la Villette (2015)


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Queen & Adam Lambert - Live at Rock In Rio (2015)

One Vision
Stone Cold Crazy
Another One Bites the Dust
Fat Bottomed Girls
In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited
Seven Seas of Rhye
Killer Queen
Don't Stop Me Now
I Want to Break Free
Somebody to Love
Love of My Life
A Kind of Magic
Drum Battle
Under Pressure
Save Me
Ghost Town
Who Wants to Live Forever
Guitar Solo
Last Horizon
The Show Must Go On
I Want It All
Radio Ga Ga
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Bohemian Rhapsody
We Will Rock You
We Are the Champions
God Save the Queen*26LAM115RIO,44908488.rar

Bill Hart Projet - Think About It (2005)

Compartido por el amigo Jess Jazz ☻!!

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The Cure - Trilogy (Live in Berlin) (2002)

1. "One Hundred Years"
2. "A Short Term Effect"
3. "The Hanging Garden"
4. "Siamese Twins"
5. "The Figurehead"
6. "A Strange Day"
7. "Cold"
8. "Pornography"

09. "Plainsong"
10. "Pictures of You"
11. "Closedown"
12. "Lovesong"
13. "Last Dance"
14. "Lullaby"
15. "Fascination Street"
16. "Prayers for Rain"
17. "The Same Deep Water as You"
18. "Disintegration"
19. "Homesick"
20. "Untitled"

21. "Out of This World"
22. "Watching Me Fall"
23. "Where the Birds Always Sing"
24. "Maybe Someday"
25. "The Last Day of Summer"
26. "There Is No If..."
27. "The Loudest Sound"
28. "39"
29. "Bloodflowers"

Robert Smith: Voice / Guitar / 6 String Bass
Simon Gallup: Bass / 6 String Bass
Perry Bamonte: Guitar / 6 String Bass / Keyboard
Jasson Cooper: Drums / Percussion
Roger O'Donnell: Keyboard / Percussion,44554313.rar,44553724.rar

Liquid Tension Experiment - Live In L.A. (2009)

01. Acid Rain
02. Kindred Spirits
03. Biaxident
04. Freedom of Speech
05. Improv Jam #1
06. Another Dimension
07. State of Grace
08. Universal Mind Part 1
09. Keyboard Solo
10. Universal Mind Part 2
11. When the Water Breaks
12. Improv Jam #2
13. Rhapsody in Blue
14. Osmosis
15. Paradigm Shift

John Petrucci (Guitars)
Mike Portnoy (Drums)
Tony Levin (Bass, Chapman stick)
Jordan Rudess (Keyboard),44335797.rar

Our Spanish Heart - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2015)

Este concierto, homenaje de Jazz San Javier y de los músicos que en él participan a Armando Anthony Corea, más conocido por Chick Corea, es una producción del festival en la que, con la entusiasta colaboración de algunos de los músicos españoles más relacionados con Corea y liderados por el ilustre bajista Carles Benavent, se interpretarán algunas de las más inspiradas composiciones de Chick Corea en las que el gran maestro, con ascendientes españoles e italianos, expresó su fascinación por los ritmos y la música española. Junto a Carles Benavent, la maestría de Antonio Serrano a la armónica, Tomasito al baile y percusión, Roger Mas al piano y Roger Blavia a la batería y percusión.

Carles Benavent (bajo)
Antonio Serrano (armónica)
Tomás Moreno Romero “Tomasito” (baile, percusión y cante)
Roger Mas (piano)
Roger Blavia (batería y percusión),44300716.rar

Joe Louis Walker - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2015)

Joe Louis Walker (cantante, guitarras y armónica)
Phillip Young (teclados, saxo y coros)
Lenny Bardford (bajo y coros)
Byron Cage (batería y coros),44273258.rar

Joe Louis Walker - Nancy Jazz Pulsation (2011)

01. Messing around
02. If you don't love my girl
03. You're gonna make me cry
04. Please please baby
05. I was in a room with Jimi
06. Sugar Mama

Joe Louis Walker (Lead guitar, voix)
Murali Coryell (Rythm & lead guitar, voix)
Amar Sundy (Guitar, voix)
Linsay Bradfort (Basse, voix)
Dorian Randolph (Batterie, voix),44273062.rar

Joe Louis Walker - Live At 'On Broadway (2001)

01. Your Lyin' Eyes
02. Runnin' from the Devil
03. In God's Hands
04. Rainy Nights
05. Repay My Love
06. Mile-Ho Club
07. Bluesifyin'
08. Yveline,44273061.rar

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Michel Petrucciani - Two Films : Concert Solo / Lettre A Michel Petrucciani (2008)

01. My Favorite Songs : Les Grelots / Les Feuilles Mortes / Take The A Train
02. Trilogy in Blois / Caravan
03. Estate
04. Manathan
05. Besame Mucho
06. Looking Up
07. Lettre À Michel Petrucciani - A film by Frank Cassenti

* Bonus,43868981.rar

Michel Petrucciani Trio - Live In Stuttgart (1998)

01. Litlte peace in c for you
02. Brazilian like
03. Chloe meets Gershwin
04. September second
05. So what
06. Guadeloupe
07. Take the a train
08. Cantable

Michael Petrucciani (Piano)
Antony Jackson (Bass)
Steve Gadd (Drums),43867448.rar

Michel Petrucciani Trio - Philharmonie im Gasteig, Munchen.(1997)

01. Announcement
02. Looking Up
03. Colors
04. My Funny Valentine
05. Body And Soul
06. Little Peace In C For U
07. Enart
08. Nardis
09. Autumn Leaves
10. So What

Michel Petrucciani (Piano)
Miroslav Vitous (Bass)
Steve Gadd (Drums),43868485.rar

Michel Petrucciani - Jazzbaltica (1996)

01. Piano Suite
02. Enart
03. Shooting Stars
04. Sombrero Sam
05. Love Letter
06. Looking Up!

Michel Petrucciani (Piano)
Detlev Beier (Bass)
Manu Roche (Drums),43867395.rar

Michel Petrucciani - Jazzwoche Burghausen (1993)

01. In A Sentimental Mood
02. My Funny Valentine
03. C-Jam Blues
04. You Are My Waltz
05. Satin Doll,43867123.rar

Michel Petrucciani - Power Of Three (featuring Jim Hall and Wayne Shorter) (1986)

01. Beautiful Love (Gillespie, Young, King, VanAlstyne)
02. In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington, Kurtz, Mills)
03. Careful (Hall)
04. Waltz New (Hall)
05. Limbo (Shorter)
06. Morning Blues ( Petrucciani)
07. Bimini (Hall)

Michel Petrucciani (Piano)
Jim Hall (Guitar)
Wayne Shortet (Soprano & tenor sax),43867797.rar

Michel Petrucciani - Live At The Village Vanguard (1986)

01. Regina
02. The Prayer
03. Waltz New
04. Beautiful But Why
05. Our Tune

Michel Petrucciani (Piano)
Palle Danielsson (Bass)
Eliot Zigmund (Drums)
Special guest: Jim Hall (Guitar),43867020.rar

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Machado Sextet - 5º Festival Clazz Continental Latin Jazz (2015)

Monday Michiru & Her Band - Jazz Baltica (1999)

01. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
02. Freed Or Bound
03. Cruel 2 Be Kind
04. Yellow Bird
05. Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't
06. Change Of Scenery
07. Ain't It The Truth
08. You Make Me
09. A Night In Tunisia

Monday Michiru (Vocal, flute)
Ken Shima (Keyboards)
Genichi Egawa (Percussion)
Hideo Yamaki (Drums)
Koichi Osamu (Bass)
Peter Weniger (Saxophone),42134815.rar

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John Hiatt - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2015)

John Hiatt (cantante y guitarra)
Doug Lancio (guitarra, banjo y mandolina)
Nathan Gehri (bajo)
Kenneth Blevins (batería y voz),41959426.rar

John Hiatt - Front and Center (2014)

01. Introduction Sequence
02. Drive South
03. Tennessee Plates
04. Don't Know What To Say
05. Paper Thin
06. Crossing Muddy Waters
07. Cry Love
08. (Band Introductions
09. Long Time Coming
10. Marlene
11. ood Guitar
12. Slow Turning
13. Credits (Tennessee Plates)

John Hiatt - Vocals, Guitar
Nathan Gehri - Bass
Brandon Young - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Kenneth Blevins - Drums, vocals
Doug Lancio - Guitars, Mandolin,41958892.rar

John Hiatt - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2012)

01. Master of Disaster
02. Tennessee Plates
03. Real Fine Love
04. Down Around My Place
05. Dust Down a Country Road
06. Crossing Muddy Waters
07. Cry Love
08. Adios To California
09. Paper Thin
10. Feels Like Rain,41958951.rar

John Hiatt - Live from Austin (1993)

01. Icy Blue Heart
02. Loving a Harricane
03. When You Hold Me Tight
04. Your Dad Did
05. Straight Outta Time
06. Memphis in the Meantime
07. Something Wild
08. Have a Little Faith in Me
09. Buffalo River Home
10. Thing Called Love
11. Angel
12. Tennessee Plates
13. Slow Turning
14. Perfectly Good Guitar,41959621.rar

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Tony Desare - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2015)

Roberto Carlos - Reflexoes (2012)

01. Samba do Aviao
02. Emocoes
03. Seu Corpo
04. Cafe da Manha
05. Os Seus Botoes
06. Falando Serio
07. O Concavo e o Convexo
08. Como e Grande Meu Amor Por Voce
09. Meu Querido, Meu Velho, Meu Amigo - Part. Esp.: Michel Telo
10. Ai Seu Te Pego - Part. Esp.: Michel Telo
11. E Meu, E Meu, E Meu - Part. Esp.: Socorro, Chayene e Empreguetes
12. Esse Cara Sou Eu
13. Furduncio
14. Fera Ferida ( Remix ) - Part. Esp.: DJ Nene
15. As Curvas da Estrada de Santos - Part. Esp.: Seu Jorge
16. Amiga da Minha Mulher - Part. Esp.: Seu Jorge
17. Meu Lugar - Part. Esp.: Arlindo Cruz
18. O Homem - Part. Esp.: Seu Jorge
19. Jesus Cristo

Roberto Carlos
Michel Telo
Claudia Abreu
Tais Araujo
Arlindo Cruz
Isabelle Drummond
Seu Jorge
Leandra Leal
Titina Medeiros
D.J. Meme
Monique Alfradique
Paloma Bernardi
Nanda Costa
Rodrigo Lombardi
Bruna Marquezine
Totia Meireles,41727827.rar