lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

Spock's Beard - X-Tour Live (2012)

01. Edge of the In-Between
02. The Emperor's Clothes
03. From the Darkness
04. The Quiet House
05. The Man Behind the Curtain
06. Kamikaze
07. Jaws of Heaven
08. Nick and Jimmy's Drum Duel
09. On a Perfect Day
10. Thoughts
11. Ryo's Keyboard Solo
12. The Doorway
13. June,41523373.rar

Spock's Beard - Don't Try This At Home Live In Holland (2002)

01. Day for Night
02. In the Mouth of Madness
03. Skin
04. Gibberish
05. Go the Way You Go
06. June
07. The Healing Colors of Sound
08. Ryo's Solo
09. The Doorway
10. The Light
11. Squonk
12. Waste Away/Fire,41565412.rar

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Giovanni Mirabassi & Melanie Dahan - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2014)


Giovanni Mirabassi Trio - Festival Jazz San Javier (2012)

01. Octubre
02. Vuelvo Al Son
03. Alfonsina y el Mar
04. Nardis
05. Somewhere in Seoul
06. The Ancient Oak

Giovanni Mirabassi (Piano)
Gianluca Renzi (Double bass)
Lukmil Perez (Drums),40990518.rar

Giovanni Mirabassi Trio - Jazz sous les Pommiers (2011)

01. World changes (G. Mirabassi)
02. NY #1 (G. Renzi)
03. Bebe (H. Pascoal)
04. Somewhere in Seoul (G. Mirabassi)
05. It's us (G. Mirabassi)
06. Alfonsina y el Mar (F. Luna)
07. Gold and Diamond (G. Mirabassi)
08. Six for Sex (G. Mirabassi)
09. Le Chant des Partisans (A. Marly, J. Kessel)

Giovanni Mirabassi (Piano)
Gianluca Renzi (Bass)
Lukmil Perez (Drums),40989927.rar

Rebekka Bakken - Live at Baloise Session (2014)

01. Time
02. Bad as Me
03. Yesterday Is Here
04. Everything Goes To Hell
05. September
06. Just the Right Bullets
07. Hang On St. Christopher
08. I Can’t Wait to Get Off Work
09. Little Drop of Poison
10. If I Have to Go
11. Broken Bicycles
12. New Coat Of Paint
13. Tonight
14. Looking Pretty Fine
15. Downtown,40126380.rar

Rebekka Bakken - Americana Rebekka Bakken chante Tom Waits (2012)



Rebekka Bakken - Enjoy Jazz Festival (2011)

01. Same kind
02. Never Been to Paris
03. September
04. Power Room Collapse
05. Forever Young
06. Jeg vet en hvile (Norwegian folk song)
07. Any Pretty Girl
08. Hard to be a loser
09. After All
10. Girl Next door
11. No easy way
12. Der Schnee draussen schmilzt
13. Driving

Rebbekka Bakken (Vocals, piano)
Borge Petersen-Overleir (Guitar)
Mathias Leber (Piano, keyboards)
Lars Danielsson (Bass guitar)
Rune Arnesen (Drums),40125430.rar

Rebekka Bakken - Festival de Jazz San Javier (2006)

sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

Lindsey Stirling : Live in London (2015)

01. Beyond The Veil
02. Mirror Haus
03. Electric Daisy Violin
04. Night Vision
05. Heist
06. Swag
07. We Are Giants
08. Transcendence
09. All Of Me
10. Take Flight
11. Moon Trance
12. Roundtable Rival
13. Master Of Tides
14. Crystallize
15. Shatter Me
16. Stars Align,40206367.rar

Michiel Borstlap - Solo (Concert Dominican Church Maastricht) (2010)

01. Theme of Yokohama
02. Round Midnight
03. El Valenciano
04. Spain
05. Cancion
06. Dolphin Dance
07. Clear Water
08. Things Ain't What They Used To Be
09. Blame It On My Youth

Michiel Borstlap (Keyboard)
Ruud Breuls (Trumpet)
Jerome Hol (Guitar)
Peter Bergman (Bass)
Eric Kooger (Drums),40232852.rar

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2015

Talking-Drums - Estival Jazz Lugano (2015)


Gerald McCauley's West-Coast All Stars - Live Sessions (2004)

Buenísimo !!!! Recomendado 100%...... Gracias por compartirlo Jess ☺ !!!

01. Return to Lake Erie/ Wasting Your Time (Frank McComb)
02. Lisa (Chris Botti)
03. Giving Him Something He Can Feel (EnVogue)
04. Don't Let Go (Love) (EnVogue)
05. Maybe there are Reasons (Phillip Ingram)
06. Still Searchin'/ No Love in Sight (Val Watson)
07. Just a Little (Tom Scott)
08. Smokin' Section (Tom Scott)
09. Holding Back the Years (Tom Scott & Jonathan Butler)
10. Wake Up (Jonathan Butler)
11. No Woman, No Cry (Jonathan Butler)
12. Mercy, Mercy (Eric Marienthal)

Gerald McCauley (Keyboard, Vocals); Frank McComb (Piano, Rhodes, Lead Vocals); Chris Botti (Trumpet); EnVogue (Cindy Herron-Braggs, Terry Ellis, Amanda Cole) (Lead Vocals); Phillip Ingram (Lead & Backing Vocals); Val Watson (Lead & Backing Vocals); Tom Scott (Saxophones, Lyricon); Jonathan Butler (Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals); Eric Marienthal (Alto Saxophone); Michael Cooper (Guest Vocals); Alex Al (Bass); Donnell Spencer (Drums); Richie Garcia (Percussion); Craig T. Cooper (Guitars); Tim Carmon (Organ a Clav Synthesizer); Noriko Olling (Synthesizers); Jon Barnes (Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Digital Piano); Bill Reichenbach (Trombone); Dweyne Abernathy, Carla Collins, Greg Hicks (Background Vocals).,38629332.rar

lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Les Ambassadeurs - Estival Jazz Lugano (2015)

Salif Keita (Vocals)
Franck Legre (Drums)
Modibo Kone (Congas)
Leon Brichard (Bass)
Amadou Bagayoko (Guitar)
Ousmane Kouyate (Guitar)
Cheick Tidiane Seck (Keyboards)
Idrissa Soumaoro Keyboards, vocal)
Brian Edward (Sax)
Mark Kumava (Trumpet)
Bah Kouyate (Vocal)
Aminata Dante (Vocal),38419461.rar

Hermeto Pascoal - Jazz Sous Les Pommiers (2012)

01. Gritos
02. Frulato
03. Fazenda Novato
04. Taynara
05. Ailin
06. Futicando
07. Tamencos E Pilhois
08. Autumn Leaves
09. Tupizando
10. Joyce
11. Pour Itibere
12. Garotte
13. Reman
14. Irnaos Latinos

Hermeto Pascoal (Basse)
Itibre Zwary (Contrebasse)
Marcio Bahia (Batterie)
Fabio Pascoal (Percussion)
Doris Vinicious (Flute)
Andres Pereira Marques (Piano)
Aline Morena (Chant),38407446.rar

Eric Burdon - Live in Berlin (2015)

01. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
02. When I Was Young
03. Spill the Wine
04. Inside Looking Out
05. Black Dog
06. Bo Diddley Special
07. It's My Life
08. The House of the Rising Sun
09. We've Gotta Get Out of This Place
10. Boom Boom,38945145.rar