jueves, 30 de abril de 2015

Ursus Minor - Festival Sons D'Hiver (2012)

01. The Words of Frederick Douglas
02. Don't take "but" for an answer
03. Come back
04. We are the ones
05. Square dance rap
06. Nuclear war
07. Strange fruits
08. Drivin Man
09. The words of Lucy Parson
10. Respect

Tony Hymas (Claviers)
Mike Scott (Guitare)
Francois Corneloup (Sax baryton)
Stokley Williams (Batterie, chant)

Invites: Mahmoud El Kati (Voix); Desdemona, Boots Riley (Rap); Ada Dyer (Chant).


martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Gary Bartz Quartet - Live at Jazz a Foix (2014)

01. Uncle Bubba
02. Speak Low
03. Someone Love
04. Boamtice
05. Up Jumped Spring
06. Donkey Dust

Gary Bartz (Sax)
Kirk Lightsey (Piano)
Tibo Soulas (Bass)
Samgoma Everett (Drums)


sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Wadada Leo Smith & Gunter Baby Sommer - Touch The Earth II (2011)

01. A Sonic Voice Inclosed in the Wind
02. Pure Stillness
03. Bass-Star Hemispheres
04. Woodland Trall to the Giants
05. Old Times Roll New Times Goal
06. Tarantalla Rusticana

Wadada Leo Smith (Trompette)
Gunter Baby Sommer (Batterie, percussions)


miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

Stefano Bollani & Hamilton de Holanda - At Istanbul Jazz Festival (2013)

01. Beatriz
02. Il Barbone Di Siviglia
03. Caprichos De Espanha
04. Guarda Che Luna
05. Luiza
06. Que Sera
07. Rosa
08. Canto De Ossanha
09. Oblivion
10. Apanhei-te Cavaquinho

Stefano Bollani (Piano)
Hamilton de Holanda (Bandolim)


Stefano Bollani Trio - Festival de Jazz Vitoria-Gasteiz (2012)

Stefano Bollani (Piano, vocals in "Billie Jean")
Jesprt Bodilsen (Bass)
Morten Lund (Drums)


Stefano Bollani and Friends - Umbria Jazz (2009)

01. Bollani piano solo
02. Bollani, Guerrini & Gori
03. Bollani & Cohen
04. Bollani piano solo
05. Bollani & Stilo
06. Bollani piano solo
07. Bollani & Sacramento
08. Bollani, Guerrini, Gori, Cohen, Stilo & Sacramento

Stefano Bollani (Piano)
Mirko Guerrini (Sax)
Nico Gori (Clarinet)
Anat Cohen (Clarinet)
Nicola Stilo (Flute)
Marcos Sacramento (Voice)


Stefano Bollani - Carioca Live (2008)

01. Luz Negra
02. Segura Ele
03. Outra Coisa
04. Galatea
05. Il Domatore Di Pulci
06. Caprichos Do Destino
07. Na Baixa Do Sapateiro
08. Trem Das Onze
09. Tico Tico No Fubá
10. Samba E Amor
11. Naná
12. Ao Romper Da Aurora/Choro Sim
13. Apanhei-Te Cavaquinho
14. A Voz Do Morro

Stefano Bollani (Piano)
Marco Pereira (Guitarra)
Armando Marçal, Jurim Moreira (Baterias)
Jorge Helder (Bajo)
Zé Nogueira, Mirko Guerrini (Saxo)
Nico Gori (Clarinete)


Stefano Bollani Trio - Jazz Baltica (2006)

01. Morgenlys Over Kobenhavn
02. Moder, Jeg Ertraet, Nu Vil Jeg Sove
03. How Deep Is The Ocean
04. Gleemer Du
05. Mi Ritorni In Mente
06. Storta Va

Stefano Bollani (Piano)
Jesper Bodilsen (Bass)
Morten Lund (Schlagzeug)


lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

Charlie Haden Quartet - Jazz Baltica (2000)

01. Here's looking at you
02. The left Hand of God
03. Requiem
04. There in a Dream
05. Detour ahead
06. I'm gonna laugh you right out of my Life
07. Why did I choose you
08. Ruth's Waltz
09. Easy on the Heart
10. You, my Love
11. Wayfaring Stranger

Charlie Haden (Bass, vocal in 11)
Larance Marable (Drums)
Alan Broadbent (Piano)
Ernie Watts (Tenor sax)
Ruth Cameron (Vocals in 6)
Bill Henderson (Vocals in 7-10)
Schleswig-Holstein Chamber Orchestra (Alan Broadbent (Leader))


Charlie Haden Quartet West - Jazz Baltica (1999)

01. Hello my lovely
02. Child's play
03. First song for Ruth
04. The Long goodbye
05. Segment
06. Body and soul

Charlie Haden (Bass)
Ernie Watts (Tenor sax)
Alan Broadbent (Piano)
Lawrence Marable (Drums)


Charlie Haden And The Liberation Music Orchestra - Live In Montreal (1992)

01. Nkosi Sikeke'i Afrika
02. Dream Keeper
03. Feliciano Ama
04. Canto del Pilon
05. Hymn Of The Anarchist
06. Spiritual

Charlie Haden (Bass)
Ryan Kisor (Trumpet)
Mick Goodrick (Guitar)
Joe Lovano (Tenor sax)
Tim Hagan (Trumpet)
Bill Stewart (Drums)
Sharon Freeman (French Horn)
Joe Daley (Tuba)
Robin Eubanks (Trombone)
James Williams (Piano)
Paul Picard (Percussion)
Javon Jackson (Tenor sax)
Ken McIntyre (Alto sax)


sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

Bennie Maupin Quartet - Roma Jazz Festival (2015)

01. Penumbra
02. See The Positive
03. In A Silent Way
04. Es Condido
05. The 12th Day
06. You Don't Know What Love Is

Bennie Maupin (Sax, clarinette, flute)
Michal Tokaj (Piano)
Michal Baranski (Bass)
Lukasz Zyta (Batterie)


Kim Waters - In The Groove (2006)

01. For the groove in you
02. The ride
03. Easy going
04. In the house
05. All i wanna do
06. Waterfall
07. In the groove
08. Over the rainbow

Kim Waters (Saxophone)
James Waters.Jr. (Bass)
Gregory Grainger (Drums)
Allen Smith (Keyboards)


The Bad Plus - Live at Skoda Jazz Festival (2014)

01. Wolf Out
02. Self Serve
03. The Empire Strikes Backwards
04. I Hear You
05. Re-Elect That
06. Gold Prisms Incorporated
07. Do It Again
08. Adopted Highway
09. Seven Minute Mind

Ethan Iverson (Piano)
Reid Anderson (Double bass)
David King (Drums)


viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

Stanley Cowell Quartet - Live at Zinc Bar, New York (2014)

01. Cosmology
02. Winter Reflections
03. Blues For Rama
04. We Shall 2
05. When Lights Are Low
06. Sylvia's Place
07. Cal Massey
08. St. Croix

Stanley Cowell (Piano)
Sunny Cowell (Voice and strings)
Steve Williams (Drums)
Ton DiCaro (Bass)


Steve Kuhn Trio - Dans le Cadre du Festival Jazz a Folk (2012)

01. Two by two (Steve Kuhn)
02. Trance et / Oceans in the sky (Steve Kuhn)
03. Confimation (Charlie Parker)
04. Zoo (Steve Kuhn)

Steve Kuhn (Piano)
Steve Swallow (Bass)
Billy Drummond (Batterie)


lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

Trio Kühn, Humair et Chevillon au festival Like a Jazz Machine (2014)

Joachim Kühn (Piano)
Daniel Humair (Drums)
Bruno Chevillon (Bass)


Stefano Di Battista & Danilo Rea Duo - Jazz Sous les Pommiers (2013)

01. Straight No Chaser
02. Romeo & Giulietta
03. 8 1/2
04. Giu la testa
05. Bocca Di Rosa
06. Jealous Guy
07. You have got a Friend

Stefano Di Battista (Saxophone)
Danilo Rea (Piano)


Stefano Di Battista "Trouble Shootin" - Jazz à Vienne (2008)

01. Weather Or Not
02. Under Her Spell
03. The Serpent's Charm
04. The Jody Grind
05. Trouble Shootin'
06. Essaouira

Stefano Di Battista (Saxofon)
Fabrizio Bosso (Trompete)
Baptiste Trotignon (Organ)
Greg Hutchison (Drums)


Stefano Di Battista Group - Jazz Baltica (2008)


01. Weather Or Not
02. Under Her Spell
03. The Serpent's Charm
04. I Will Love You
05. The Jody Grind
06. Essaouira

Stefano Di Battista (Saxofon)
Fabrizio Bosso (Trompete)
Baptiste Trotignon (Organ)
Greg Hutchison (Drums)


sábado, 11 de abril de 2015

Katatonia - Sanctitude - Live At Union Chapel (2015)

01. In The White
02. Ambitions
03. Teargas
04. Gone
05. A Darkness Coming
06. One Year From Now
07. The Racing Heart
08. Tonight's Music
09. Sleeper
10. Undo You
11. Lethean
12. Day
13. Idle Blood
14. Unfurl
15. Omerta
16. Evidence
17. The One You Are Looking For Is Not Here


viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Sound Prints - Roma Jazz Festival (2015)

01. Sound Prints & Sprints
02. Destination Unknown
03. To Sail Beyond The Sunset

Joe Lovano (Sax)
Dave Douglas (Trumpet)
Linda Oh (Bass)
Lawrence Fields (Piano)
Joey Baron (Drums)


martes, 7 de abril de 2015

The Groundhogs - Live at the Astoria (1998)

01. Introduction
02. Shake For Me
03. Eccentric Man
04. 3744 James Road
05. I Want You To Love Me
06. Split Part 1
07. Split Part 2
08. Mistreated
09. Still A Fool
10. Cherry Red
11. Groundhog Blues
12. Down In The Bottom