domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

Renegade Creation - Jazz San Javier (2012)

01. On a Mountain
02. Just Like It Is
03. Riverside Blues
04. What's Up
05. All Over Again
06. Too Much of Nothin'
07. The Darkness
08. Bullet
09. Greedy Life
10. People Like Me

Michael Landau (Guitar, vocals)
Robben Ford (Guitar, vocals)
Jimmy Haslip (Electric bass)
Gary Novak (Drums),17687973.rar

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

V.A. SoundStage - Downbeat Readers Poll Awards '75 (Part Two)

Segunda parte de ésta joya que comparte el amigo Jess Jazz .... Esplendido concierto !!!!

01. Unknown title
02. Introductions
03. Lopsy Lu
04. Breezin
05. Unknown title
06. Nancy With The Laughing Face
07. Autumn Leaves
08. Falling Grace
09. Kind Of Blue
10. All blues

Chick Corea (Grand Piano, Electric Piano)
George Benson (Guitar)
Ron Carter (Double Bass)
Stanley Clarke (Electric & Double Bass)
Gary Burton (Vibes)
Jean-Luc Ponty (Violin)
Bill Waltrous (Trombone)
Sonny Fortune (Saxophone)
Thad Jones (Trumpet)
Billy Cobham (Drums),14576022.rar

V.A. SoundStage - Downbeat Readers Poll Awards '75 (Part One)

Gracias Jess Jazz por compartir este aporte !!

01. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
02. Unknown title
03. Spain
04. Unknown title
05. In A Sentimental Mood
06. Weather Report
07. Straight Life
08. Take the A-Train

Chick Corea (Electric Piano)
Quincy Jones (Grand Piano)
George Benson (Guitar)
Stanley Clarke (Electric & Double Bass)
Freddie Hubbard (Trumpet)
Hubert Laws (Flute)
Sonny Rollins (Saxophone)
McCoy Tyner (Grand Piano)
Airto Moreira (Percussion)
Bill Waltrous (Trombone)
Rashaan Roland Kirk (Saxophones)
Lenny White (Drums),14572443.rar

domingo, 15 de febrero de 2015

Romané Chavé - 35e Festival Django Reinhardt, Samois-sur-Seine (2014)

Stochelo Rosenberg (Guitare Manouche)
Gian Lincan (Cymbalum)
Costel Nitescu (Violon)
Moses Rosenberg (Guitare)
Ionica Minune (Accordeón)
Seb Giniaux (Guitare)
Adrien Moignard (Guitare)
Gyuszi Rezmues (Contrabasse)
Jérémie Arranger (Contrabasse)
Max Tobin (Direction Artistique),17246307.rar

sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

Tito Puente - Live in Montreal (1983)

01. The Opener
02. Morning
03. Stella By Starlight
04. Oye Como Va
05. Tito's Especiale
06. On Broadway
07. Pare Cochero

Tito Puente (Percussion)
Michel Camillo (Piano)
Vincent Frisaura (Trombone)
Jerry Gonzalez (Congas)
Edgardo Miranda (Guitar)
Mario E. Rivera (Saxophone, flute)
John Rodriguez (Bongos, percussion)
Robert Rodriguez (Bass),17242002.rar

Tito Puente - Newport Jazz Festival (1997)

01. Verbal introduction
02. Oye Como Va
03. Unknown
04. Unknown
05. Goin' Out of My Head
06. Love For Sale
07. Take It or Lose It
08. Fever
09. Jazzin'
10. Palladium Days

Tito Puente Orchestra, La India and Luisito Quintero (Bongo).,17237427.rar

miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015

Manoel Cruz - Programa Instrumental SESC Brasil (2014)

01. Caixa de Gatos (Manoel Cruz/ Mauro Bastos)
02. Metropolitando (Manoel Cruz/ Mauro Bastos)
03. Insolaçao (Adylson Godoy)
04. Zona Oeste (Nico Assumpção)
05. Footprints (Wayne Shorter)
06. Mano Mambo

Manoel Cruz (Contrabaixo)
Denys Christian (Guitarra acústica e violão)
Douglas Las Casas (Bateria),17022610.rar

Manoel Cruz - Instrumental SESC Brasil Show (2013)

01. Caixa de Gatos (Manoel Cruz & Mauro Bastos)
02. Metropolitando (Manoel Cruz & Mauro Bastos)
03. Footprints (Wayne Shorter)
04. Blueteko (Manoel Cruz)
05. Kuanza Sul (Manoel Cruz)
06. Insolação (Adylson Godoy)
07. Zona Oeste (Nico Assumpção)
08. Mano Mambo (Manoel Cruz)

Manoel Cruz (Contrabaixo elétrico)
Denys Chritian (Guitarra acústica e violão)
Douglas Las Casas (Bateria),17017284.rar


martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

Atlas Trio - Nevers D'Jazz Festival (2011)

01. La Disparition
02. Source
03. A Road to Karaganda
04. Dresseur de Nuage
05. Quai Sud
06. Along the Niger
07. Pres d'Hagondange

Maison de La Culture de Nevers, 8 Novembre 2011

Louis Sclavis (Clarinettes)
Gilles Coronado (Guitare electrique)
Benjamin Moussay (Piano),14774769.rar

Sweet Georgia Brown - Montreux Jazz Festival (2014)

01. I Got A Man
02. Everyday I Get The Blues
03. (Come On Baby) Let The Good Times Roll
04. Please Send Me Someone To Love
05. I Feel Good
06. Big Legged Woman,16444730.rar

James Taylor Quartet - New Morning, Paris (2004)

01. Evil Thoughts
02. Exorcism
03. Brazilian Samba
04. Without You
05. Love The Life
06. Blow Up
07. Starsky & Hutch
08. All Wrapped Up

James Taylor (Hammond B3)
Neil Robinson (Drums)
Gary Crockett (Bass)
John Willmot (Saxophon, flute)
Graeme Flowers (Trumpet)
Yvonne Yanney (Vocal),16793162.rar

lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

Saphie Wells Project - Andorra (2014)

Saphie Wells (Vocal)
Patricia Herrero (Trompeta)
Joan Subirats (Saxo)
Jaume Gispert (Piano)
Manel Fortià (Contrabajo)
Pablo Posa (Bateria),16875834.rar

V.A. ESP2 A Tribute to Miles - Live in Stuttgart (2006)

01. Opening Medley: One Phone Call/Street Scenes/That's What Happened
02. Desiree's Desire
03. Donna Lee-Davis
04. The Man With The Horn
05. Ambrosia
06. Blue 'N Green
07. No News Is Good News

Robert Irving III (Keyboards)
Adam Holzman (Keyboards)
David McMurray (Sax)
Randy Hall (Guitar)
Mino Cinelu (Percussions)
Victor Bailey (Bass)
Ricky Wellman (Drums)
Carla Cook (Vocals),15058665.rar

The Syn - Syndestructible Tour (2006)

01. Breaking Down Walls "Intro"
02. Some Time, Some Way
03. Reach Outro
04. Cathedral of Love
05. Silent Revolution
06. Grounded Encore
07. Flowerman
08. 14th Hour Technicolor Dream
09. Jimi Hendrix Story by Chris Squire
10. 21st Century
11. City of Dreams
12. The Promise
13. Golden Age

Chris Squire (Bass, vocals)
Steve Nardelli (Guitars)
Gerard Johnson (Keyboards)
Martyn Adelman (Drums),15515803.rar,15517412.rar

domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

Celso Pixinga - Instrumental SESC Brasil (2012)

01. All Blues (Miles Davis)
02. Jazz em Jundiaí (Celso Pixinga)
03. Jean Pierre (Miles Davis)
04. Fred's Blues (Jim Stinnett)
05. Blue Bossa (Kenny Dorham)
06. Money Talks (Grant Stinnett)
07. Freedom Through Discipline (Grant Stinnett)
08. Funk Slap (Celso Pixinga e Tato Andreatta),16780219.rar

Pete Escovedo - Gift Center (San Francisco, CA) (1989)

01. Charango Sunrise
02. Modern Dance
03. Zina's Zamba
04. Sonerito
05. Mister E.
06. Gingerbread Girl
07. What'cha Gonna Do?

Pete Escovedo (Percussion)
Dan Shea (Keyboards)
David Yamasaki (Guitar)
Marc van Wageningen (Bass)
Melecio Magdaluyo (Sax, flute)
Robbie Kwock (Trumpet)
Mike Galisatus (Trumpet)
Dan Reagan (Trombone)
Jeff Cressman (Trombone)
Juan Escovedo (Percussion)
Peter Michael Escovedo (Drums),16794424.rar

Brian May & Kerry Ellis The Candlelight Concerts - Live At Montreux (2013)

01. I Who Have Nothing
02. Dust In The Wind
03. Born Free
04. Somebody To Love
05. Nothing Really Has Changed
06. Life Is Real
07. The Way We Were
08. 39
09. Something
10. Last Horizon
11. Love Of My Life
12. The Kissing Me Song
13. Tie Your Mother Down
14. We Will Rock You
15. No One But You
16. Crazy Little Thing Called Love,16791149.rar

viernes, 6 de febrero de 2015

Rock Candy Funk Party - Takes New York (Live At the Iridium Jazz Club In New York) (2014)

01. Octopus-e
02. Work
03. We Want Groove
04. Heart Beat
05. New York Song
06. Spaztastic
07. Ode To Gee
08. Dope On A Rope
09. Best Ten Minutes Of Your Life
10. Steppin' In It
11. Mr. Clean
12. One Phone Call

Joe Bonamassa (Guitar)
Ron DeJesus (Guitar)
Mike Merritt (Bass)
Renato Neto (Keys)
Daniel Sadownick (Percussion)
Tal Bergman (Drums),13637736.rar,13635720.rar

Jerry Gonzalez Quartet - Live at Jazz a Foix (2012)

01. Someday My Prints Will Come
02. Love For Sale
03. Footprints

Jerry Gonzalez (Trumpet, conga)
Javier Masso Caramello (Piano)
Alain Perez (Bass)
Kiki Ferrrer (Drums),16755634.rar

jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015

Linley Marthe @ Alexey Kozlov Club (2013)

01. Changeable Mood (V. Stepanov)
02. Morass (V. Stepanov)
03. It's Not Over Yet (V. Stepanov)
04. Frisk (V. Stepanov)
05. Diggin' On James Brown (Tower Of Power)
06. What Is Hip (Tower Of Power)
07. I Wish (Stevie Wonder)

Linley Marthe (Bass)
Gurgen Janguiryan (Guitar)
Valeriy Stepanov (Piano and keyboards)
Ignat Kravtsov (Drums)
Nata Melody (Vocal)*26KOZ113,16316024.rar

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

Sonny Simmons & Cosmosamatics - Klub Mozg Bydgoszcz (2005)

01. Crossroads Out!
02. Road Dogg
03. Mingus Mangus
04. Serene
05. Shining Wings
06. Harmonious Beautious
07. Dance of the Zetrons

Sonny Simmons (Alto saxophone, English horn)
Michael Marcus (Tenor saxophone, clarinet)
Gildas Scouarnec (Bass)
Clifford Bárbaro (Percussion),14472470.rar,14473992.rar

martes, 3 de febrero de 2015

Cama de Gato - Show Instrumental SESC Brasil (2013)

01. Gonzagueando (Jota Moraes)
02. Cama de Gato (Arthur Maia)
03. Malaysia (Pascoal Meirelles)
04. Na Banguela (Jota Moraes)
05. Zum Zum Luã (Jota Moraes)
06. Melancia (Rique Pantoja)
07. Cumbaya (André Neiva)
08. Maracatudo (Pascoal Meirelles)
09. Havana (Jota Moraes)
10. Menino de Guaxupé (Jota Moraes)

Pascoal Meirelles (Bateria)
Mingo Araújo (Percussão)
Mauro Senise (Flauta)
Jota Moraes (Piano)
André Neiva (Baixo elétrico),16554647.rar